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Ontario Fishing

Ross’ Camp is located on Clearwater Lake (Burditt) right in the middle of the Clearwater-Pipestone Chain of Lakes north of Emo, Ontario.  Its clean, clear water, and shallow gravel/sandy bays are home to some great fishing action.   Big walleyes, numerous smallmouth, and some enormous muskie swim in these waters. 

     To access the northern lakes in the chain (Pipestone, Slender, Weld, Schistose, and Stonedam), head to the north rail portage on Clearwater. 

     These lakes are lined with rocky shorelines and in general run deep and very clear.  Main lake channels often run from 50’ to 240’ deep! The lakes have many islands, countless small bays, inlets, rocky points, reefs and weed beds, with lots of rivers flowing in clear water.

     The lake trout fishing in these lakes is spectacular. You can also fish for giant walleye, pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass, as well as muskie.


     To access the southern lakes in the chain (Manomin River, Rice Lake, Despair Lake, Mile River, Footprint, and Jackfish) head to Clearwater’s south rail portage. 

     The southern lakes in the lake chain are much shallower with stained tea coloured water with lots of weed growth.  For fish quantity, these lakes produce extremely well for walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and perch. 

     Black crappie are also known to be in these lakes, although they are more scattered than what crappie fisherman are accustomed to.

     There are many bays and islands giving you many sheltered areas to fish, making it hard to get weathered out. Collectively, the southern lakes have been called one of the best natural walleye producing fisheries in the Rainy River District.


     Our boat-to/walk-in portage lakes offer remote fishing with a fly-in feel.   

Cedar Lake, our closest walk-in lake, is a relatively deep lake with many shallow boulder shores and bays.   Pick a direction and start to follow the shoreline, and it won’t take you long to run into the numerous smallmouth and largemouth bass that live here, as well as some nice northern pike.

Albert Lake’s dark waters, shallow weedy bays and numerous rock piles host numerous smallmouth bass, and plenty of walleye.  

Panorama Lake, is a deep clear lake.  Its weedy bays, long points, and deep water are home to large northern pike, and lake trout.  With only a hand-full of people fishing this lake a year, you’re most likely going to have an awesome day of fishing! 

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